Alligator Feet and Baby Bottoms ?!?


I know this is a weird title-but hang with me for a minute! This is a story about why people are basically good.

It starts with a trip to Walmart to trade in a electrical gadget that was supposed to take away the roughness of foot fungus. You see, my wife has rough skin on her heels. (Alligator Feet) She was trying to eliminate the roughness by using a new device which did not perform as advertised. (Surprise!)

As I talked to the lady in the Walmart return line, she noticed what the device was. She made a comment about how her mom had rough feet. She laughingly referred to her mom’s feet as “Alligator Feet.” She cheerfully told me about a product that worked on alligator feet and made her mom’s feet as “smooth as a baby’s bottom”.

Now, this lady was well past retirement age. She was working at Walmart at a thankless job, making at, or above minimum wage. However, she took interest in me and treated me like I was a real person, not just another customer. She actually sent a co-worker after me to tell me the name of the product that cured alligator feet. She showed me through our brief encounter that people are basically good. It was one of those stand-out encounters that rarely happens, but has a resounding impact on your day.

Did she have to do this? No! But she represented herself and her company well. Let’s take her attitude and actions and put them into my daily life and yours.

Do you have clients or associates who you might think are beneath you?

Are there those who you might think are a waste of your time? Or, maybe of no benefit to you? To my shame I have been caught in that mindset! Maybe we should take on the attitude of the lady at Walmart. She had no benefit from helping me. But in her simple way, she communicated character and respect. We could all show people through our actions that we are basically good.

Because of one kind and simple act, my trip to Walmart made a big impact on me. It reminded me that no matter the person, everyone has value. 

The lesson? Get rid of the Alligator feet, and show people the good smooth baby bottom side of life.