Can You afford to make a $10,000 to $50,000 mistake?

untitled 4Listen up! Hiring a mentor (or coach) is a very important decision. A real estate mentor can be a very important step in your success.

Attending a prospective mentor’s “Boot Camp” is great way to check them out, and find out if they offer content or fluff in their program. There are charlatans out there, so be careful!

After paying the big bucks, some students have very little access to the big cheese. Those are the programs that relegate the students to hired coaches.

My recommendation, hire a mentor that allows one on one access!!!!

Before hiring a mentor, I would check them out thoroughly. Do your online homework. Research their online presence, and check out the reviews on their mentoring program. Contact the mentor and find out if you get one on one contact. Most of all, find out if your mentor is the real deal, or an internet marketer posing as an investor. There is a difference!

My mentor allowed one on one contact and monthly consults. I also was given one year of free access to all of his products, and events. If I needed a question answered he was a phone call away. Was the five figure amount I paid worth it? I think so! Since my mentoring program 3 years ago I have increased my income twofold. It made it possible to leave my full time job and become a full-time real estate investor.

Hire a mentor? My answer is yes. Just remember! Buyers beware.