A Personal and Spiritual mentor is a must !!!!!untitled 4

My mentor has changed my business and personal life. He has helped me through the tough times and given me spiritual direction.

As I navigate the pitfalls of personal and business relationships, he has been invaluable.

When considering someone to be your personal mentor here are some thoughts that come to mind.

  1. I would recommend that your mentor be 10 to 30 years older with good life experience. The more “hard knocks” in life the better.
  2. Your mentor should talk straight and tell it like it is. No sugar coating! They must be tough, yet kind, and be able to keep you from becoming emotionally incoherent.
  3. Remember, your mentor is there to help you. Encourage constructive criticism. You can’t overcome bad habits unless they are identified. 
  4. The object of a mentor is to provide character, not comfort!

If you can find someone to guide you through the ups & downs of life, you have found a great mentor!