This morning as I was getting my coffee ready I heard my newspaper being hand delivered to my front door. I thought why does my paper guy continue to deliver my paper to the front door?

Honestly, I don’t mind going out to the middle of my driveway like everyone else to get my morning paper. Then I remembered, oh yea, maybe it’s that $25 or so I give him every Christmas. Or, maybe it was that time I went out to meet him one morning to thank him for delivering my paper every day. 

Take the paper man into your everyday business life. Do you tell the people who help make your business successful that you appreciate them? I’m not talking about a backhanded thanks as you walk away. I’m talking about an eyeball to eyeball “I really appreciate you” comment. Texts and emails work great too!  Like “YOU ROCK” or “I don’t know how I could do it without you! ” An old fashioned hand written thank you note speaks volumes.

As a Real Estate Investor, I rely heavily on other people to make my business successful. Title people, Bank people, private investors, realtors, etc. etc. …and the list goes on. How about taking someone out to lunch just to get to know them personally, and thank them over a nice meal?

Want more business? Connect with people on a personal basis. The internet and marketing are great! Call me old school, but the old “press the flesh” and networking have done wonders for my business. Over 50% of my Real Estate deals come from referrals.

Everyone is busy these days! Your effort to express your appreciation, no matter how small will put you head and shoulders above your competition. So, take someone to lunch. Write thank you notes. Send a random text or email. Send out a postcard mailing or email blast to your most loyal customer base. Whatever you do, let those who make you successful know that you appreciate them.

By the way, I just thought of some people I need to tell that I appreciate them. How about you?